Drive down the roads now, and most fields are bare.  The crops are in, the land sits idle, soon the winter winds will blow.

The corn is gone from here, but its journey has just begun.  Trucked to grain bins, loaded on rail cars, barges and ships, it makes its way to markets across the country and around the world.

And that’s when it hits you:  The beautiful green fields, the familiar stalks and tassels that surround us all summer long, isn’t just corn.  It’s commerce.  Corn is our industry, our output, our contribution to global trade.

The rain that falls…the sun that warms…the soil that nourishes…the farmers who plant and tend…the merchants who supply the farmers…the community that supports the farmers and the merchants…the bankers, the scientists, the equipment manufacturers, the chemical companies, the capitalists who invest in it…it’s one big, elaborate, intricate, interconnected partnership of natural and human resources that distributes food and fuel around the globe.

To think, it all starts with a kernel of corn.

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